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35min 17sec

The crusade has just begun. Mirek is ready to fuck girls with rubber. He met an ideal match on a parking lot. This hot brunette was just offering herself to a truck driver. What a filthy whore! Her tits are out and her cunt is more than ready. She is willing to get fucked without rubber for no extra fee! She gets all wet when she hears the money rustle. She grabs Mirek’s cock and won’t let go. She is a first-class whore. The preacher of love fingers her so well she can be heard all over the parking lot. He fucks her hard, the whore is screaming, not even counting the orgasms. For a small extra fee she lets him knock on the backdoor and also licks his anus. Amazing whore with proper upbringing. This mission was a success. The no-rubber fucking master is heading back to his base, juiced to dry. What an amazing video! Czech whores are the best!!!


34min 44sec

Time for some proper fucking! Easy women and love for sale, that’s Mirek’s world. He is the king here! This infamous whoremonger is out of his lair again, hunting. He needs a w proper whore to satisfy his lust. And here comes the young street walker in fur. She is pretty and looks innocent, like a student who just came here to earn some pocket money. Her price is way too high, but our hunter has a cunning plan. He’ll use the unguarded moment and throw the condom under the seat. He is the boss and the game is played by his rules!!! This young slut is talented and her sucking skills are excellent. Mirek nearly came into her mouth and that’s something that doesn’t happen often! Mirek fingers her, fucks her and then sets her free again. Good hunt! This is the real world of Czech hookers. Everything has a price! Try that for yourself!


47min 08sec

Czech whores are all ready, their chief has blue balls again. Who will be the chosen one? What slut will server his cock? Mirek picked some fresh meat from the car park. Young, likable and slightly naïve. Low price and extra charge for no rubber even lower. Fresh, young pussy, that’s something for the pussy hunter. He licks and licks and licks. Is he trying to lick her dry? This young babe cannot take her eyes from him. Did she fell in love with his cash or is she impressed by his reputation? She is obedient without even knowing whom is she fucked by. She swallows every single drop and takes the best care of his cock. This girl is handy, let me tell you. At home, her child and unemployed boyfriend are waiting. “Is it worth going back to? Fuck my life, this old fuck seems rich enough…” Anyway, Czech whores are the best, you cannot disagree with that!!!


34min 43sec

Oh my God! This was too much even for Mirek. My friends, get ready for a wild ride with no rubber on. It’s raining and on the soaked parking lot is a lonely figure of a blonde slut. She had a terrible work accident. She is in the sixth month of pregnancy and she has no idea what client is the father. Let’s sex then! For some extra money she agrees with Mirek coming inside her. What an offer, Mirek just couldn’t refuse. Oh my God, this whore is not shaved!!! Wicked! A hairy pussy is rare these days. One picture for the Red Book of endangered species and let’s try to find a way through that bush. Mirek uses his pussy-meter and agrees this is something he never had before. Fuck her and cum! That’s what you do with Czech whores! Fuck her hard and feed her your semen! This is what you get in Czech parking lots! You just have to see this!!!


44min 01sec

The operation whore is on. Mirek, the specialist in no rubber fucking is back in action. There is one nasty, half naked whore on the truck parking lot. She’s pretty and nice and willing to do anything for money. She even made a striptease in front of the car! Just make the horny truck drivers envious. It’s time to check her work instrument. Seems like a licking day for Mirek. This nice street walker just cannot wait for Mirek to shove his cock inside her. But first, she needs to be punished, because she was naughty. And naughty girls deserve hard spanking. When Mirek finished with her, her ass resembled a baboon. And then came the fuck she will always remember. The whore keeps coming and coming. She has never had a customer like this before. His cock should be in some kind of Hall of fame. The job is done, mission accomplished. Have fun!!!


47min 45sec

Classy whore in the parking lot, luring truck drivers into her panties. Fuck off, losers! Here comes the Bitch-man Mirek and his bazooka of love. The dark haired whore doesn’t want to fuck without the rubber. But then she realized she could lose a customer and changed her mind. Whore, you don’t resist Mirek! The deal is sealed and the hot mamma is already blowing his whistle. Piss your panties, you slut! This whore has a pussy like flu, everyone had it. Mirek shoves almost his entire hand in there. And all that happened in the parking lot, amongst trucks. This slut says she has never experienced anything like this. How could she? There is only one to rule all whores, only one to find them, only one to fuck them in his car. In the end he sprinkles her pussy with his seed and keeps her piss soaked panties as a memory. Unbelievable fuck! You pay, you set the rules, that’s how it works. Enjoy this unbelievable show with genuine Czech whores.


39min 23sec

Love for sale lasts forever. Especially with consumers like MIrek. This guy is in the mood for another street-walker again. Where should he try his luck today? Then he saw a tiny, but lovely brunette at a gas station. She looks promising and fucking without condom is her special offer for today. Great! Let’s taste this juicy pussy and let her taste the sausage Mirek brought with him. Mirek needs his pussy picture and then let’s start fucking. This girl is as flexible as a gymnast, that’s unbelievable. Guys, yu have never seen anything like this. This is one pretty cool whore. Mrek fucks her amazing pussy hard and cums all over her. Hurray for Czech whore! Enjoy another spectacular video full of Czech sluts! Only here, only now.

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