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We are changing the history!!! Nobody has filmed anything like this before!!! Here’s an exclusive expedition into the life of Czech prostitutes. Absolutely new!!! Fantastic CZECH BITCH!!! A guy sets off in a car full of spy cameras to get some real Czech hookers. He hunts for them by the road, on car parks. He fucks them in the car in front of hidden cameras. You’ll see sex for money like if you were there. The whores have no idea they are filmed! You will get so close you will feel like almost touching them. Czech sluts do absolutely everything for money!!!! Are you ready for the wildest ride of your lives? Hop in then.


26min 22sec

Wallet? Loaded. Gas tank? Full. Another expedition to Czech whores can begin. Raven-haired beauty standing next to the road, the negotiation was hard. Does she have any idea who is she talking to? This is Mire, our whore hunter. HE will have to earn some respect with this one. 3,000 CZK for full service with no rubber? Well, I like that. The nice brunette is proud of her reputation and does not hesitate to lick Mirek’s ass. What a nifty whore. Mirek is fucking her like a machine, he wants to be sure she remembers this job. In the end he emptied his sack right into her. Fuck, wait, you aren’t on pills? Man, Mirek is going to be father again. So hardcore. Don’t miss this Czech road thriller. It’s flawless!!!


34min 51sec

Time to fuck some whores! Every guy should fuck one. Mirek could write a bestseller on this. Just today he noticed this half-naked blonde in the parking lot. What the fuck is that? Will sheriff Mirek arrest her or will he punish her by fucking? The negotiation was quick. She’s a whore and her prices are more than nice. This mother is using her small pussy to earn money for her kids. And she also loves this. Mirek just touched her pussy and she was wet and ready! Let’s do this! The blonde is really experienced. She knows how to put a cock into fighting position. Mirek will explore her pussy thoroughly before introducing his cock. He’ll explore her anal as well. That was surprising even for her. I guess this whore will beg all the saints and wait for Mirek’s cumshot to land on her. Czech whores are the best, we have tested that for you! Check this out, guys!


34min 24sec

Where are you, whore? Mirek went out to find some fun for his thick cock. Unfortunately. He met only one whore, currently working a customer in his car. Very busy girl. Busty gypsy princess. Finish him and come here, babe! Her pussy is still hot and frequented more than the highway nearby. Price? 5,000 with no rubber! Anal is a free bonus! This whore knows what her customers want. Talented whore! Let’s take a picture of her used cunt for the cunt album and start plowing her. First pussy, than her ass and then all over again. God, this is great! Mirek is ecstatic. In the end, he signed her belly with his white milk and fed her like a good girl. Just eat that, you slut! Perfect fuck, perfect cumshot. Everybody’s happy! Just the traditional promise of coming back and the show is over. I’m sure you will love this episode!!!!


36min 28sec

And here comes Mirek again! There is no escape, no Czech whore will be saved. Not even this blonde jewel from a parking lot. She has a lovely pair of hooters, but still, a preview is necessary. Guys, this is solid gold. Whores are being watched by police, but Mirek is not afraid of anything. This is his territory. He is the law here! Price negotiation was really fast and the love can be sold once again. 4,000 CZK for fuck without rubber isn’t cheap, but this slut is worth it. Now a picture for Mirek’s cunt yearbook and the filthy show can begin. You will get all you are used to, from a blowjob (an excellent one) to rim job and much more. This whore is really enjoying it. At some moments it seems she should be paying Mirek. In the end he came so hard in her it ran down her thighs. What a filthy ride this was! Watch it to believe it and mainly, have fun!!!


42min 22sec

The waiting is over! Here’s another round of the Czech whore hunting! Mirek and his semen soaked car are on the road again. Well, actually already parked, carefully watching a blonde slut. She seems talented and acts in the most straightforward way. Sex without protection? Double the price and we can keep on talking. Sounds good. Short striptease in front of the car is the best possible advertising. Money up front, hot shot! And for some extra cash you can get it really kinky. Slap me, choke me, piss in my mouth! IS this even possible? Mirek keeps pissing on her while fucking her, even in her mouth and this whore swallows it all. This must be the dirtiest whore there is. He fucked her so hard the car was shaking like during an earthquake until she came. I said she looked talented. In the end our filthy driver came in her mouth! She got her drink, now some snack! This was hell of a ride. You just cannot miss this!


38min 07sec

Welcome in the Love shop! The real Czech street hookers are back! Czech whores have only one man to rule them, and that’s Mirek, the lone hunter. Today’s expedition should be called a crusade. Mirek went out feeling the terrible urge to fuck and punish a nice whore. On a parking place, next to the burger church, he met a young, good-looking mannequin. His cock was hard just from looking at her. Lovely tits with no bra, what a clever girl. But she didn’t want to fuck without the rubber!!! An unexpected complication. Fucking such a lovely whore with rubber, that would be a sin! But it seems that money can solve every problem you could encounter and she at least agreed to some rough stuff. Pulling her hair, rim job and some heavy slaps. I’ll show you who’s the master here!!! Then, in an unguarded moment, the rubber disappeared under the seat! My money, my rules! And as a memory, here’s my cum deep in your pussy! That’s how you tame a young whore! Take a look and learn!!


36min 54sec

Do you think you’ve seen it all? What a mistake! You will be shocked when you see another hunting party of Mirek to get a new Czech whore! Those whores know no limits! They do anything for money! Exactly as this nice, busty brunette. She’s a tough negotiator. She wants money for anything extra and in the end she takes everything Mirek has on him. The most expensive fuck ever, but it will be worth it! Fucking without rubber for triple the normal price and extra money for breastfeeding. Yes, BREASTFEEDING!!!! The bitch has tots swollen with milk! The tough whore hunter is shocked! He cannot get enough of that delicacy. HE is fucking that slut and drinking her milk at the same time. Unbelievable combination! How will this end up? Mirek pumps his entire load inside her and she showers him with her tits! You just need to see to this” Absolutely unique! Shocking reality with Czech whore!!!

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